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Lessons in resistance we should all apply in our daily lives — Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Pic: Sophie Scholl Facebook page

To me, Sophie Scholl was a saint. And indeed, another member of White Rose, the group she belonged to, a Russian-German student Alexander Schmorell, was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2012. Given her life and death, Sophie should have been canonized too.

The White Rose


A list of awesome plastic-free products that will help you do just that

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

Let’s make this clear — recycling is not really happening, we’ve been lied to, waste plastics are accumulating at an unprecedented rate and have already formed not one but two (!) giant plastic islands in the Pacific Ocean.

We need to STOP doing this and we need to stop doing…

You can no longer promote any environment-related content in the US unless you are a US citizen

Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash

As the president of the Society for Bright Future here in Slovenia (incidentally, also the birth country of the current First Lady Melania Trump), I write about sustainable living, global warming, and environmental protection in order to promote discussion on these issues and root for positive changes.

Since pollution and…

Mateja Klaric

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