June is gone, but the rainbow remains

I guess we are stuck with the rainbow on Medium (update — it has been removed by now, but still, the main point of the post still stands)

Photo: Adina Voicu (Pixabay)

It’s as I feared it would be — Medium Staff obviously thinks it’s logo is so cute as a rainbow that they are going to keep it beyond June. I feel weird and uncomfortable about this. Rainbows remind me of candies, entertainment parks, the illusion of a treasure that can never be found, circus, Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, and the brainwashing methods of the MK-Ultra program.

I do not see it as something I could associate with a serious platform devoted to sharing all sorts of thoughtful stories and meaningful content. I see it as something childish and immature. There is a reason why businessmen, judges, politicians, journalists, lawyers, writers, editors, as a rule don’t walk around dressed like a rainbow, while clowns and entertainers do.

There is a reason why serious newspapers and media outlets don’t use rainbows in their color schemes and logos. And Medium with its membership program, from what we’ve been told, wants to be seen as a part of serious media, as a publication devoted to journalism and writing of quality.

That’s not what a rainbow logo communicates to me, though. It makes me wonder who is in charge here, children? It certainly looks like that even if it isn’t so. Perhaps this project is nothing but a game for the Medium investors and team. A funny game they enjoy playing. A cute experiment for the sake of having some fun just to see where it would all lead to.

And that’s all fine and swell. After all, it’s their platform, and we are only visitors here. We are allowed to use it and participate in it, for free. So there’s a lot to be grateful for, that’s for sure. But these changes, things that look way too much like erratic moves and impulsive decisions, do not give me a sense of confidence and reliability I’d need to feel comfortable and at ease.

They make me wonder what’s next. It could be anything, really, absolutely anythings. As my late teacher used to say, ‘there are no guarantees.’ Medium could, perhaps, adopt this as its new motto, just to make it clearer to its users that there is nothing they could rely on here.

Yes, I understand the rainbow could also be a sign of support for the LGBT community, but June is gone now while the rainbow is still here. There are many communities that desperately need support. There are homeless and poor and those who have no access to health care and no social security and there are racial issues and misogyny…

Is Medium going to change the logo for each one of these groups or is it only going to give a preference and exposure to one? Or perhaps Medium is now devoted to LGBT community above all others and that’s what they are trying to communicate here? I have no idea because I haven’t seen any explanation.

But isn’t that just so typical of the world we live in? The sign of the times in which irresponsible behavior par excellence is the name of the game. We can see it everywhere, decadence rules. Rich, spoiled brats came of age and now literally rule the world, from Kim Jong-un to Donald Trump.

Only, they’ve never really come of age, they’ve remained on an early teenage level and all they want is to have some fun. To hell with the consequences!

You can see it everywhere. I saw it in a cute and charming young girl who dropped the university for the sake of having fun. When her parents asked her what she plans to do with her life, she answered ‘I just want to party and have fun.’ She’s not yet 30, but she is already a diagnosed alcoholic. Her parents are rich and they spoiled her unbearably.

And then there is this other girl, who is also almost 30. She too has been spoiled by her parents. She answered the same question with ‘I don’t want to grow up just yet.’ These are real-life examples, of real people, of real young people I know. This is our jolly rainbow world of never ending fun and games.

Only, how funny this is for those who get laid-off because some spoiled brat just wanted to have some fun? From what I remember, Medium recently fired 1/3 of its staff. Did those who were left without a job think that was funny and amusing? I wonder who remained and based on what criteria? Preference for the rainbow world and parties?

I’m 50 and I cannot get a job since I was laid-off four years ago. I was told by a counselor at the employment agency that the employers refuse to hire older people and even though the agency tried, it couldn’t convince them of the benefits that come with hiring someone mature and experienced.

I’m now doomed because they want young teams and refuse to hire anyone over 40 or even 30. But what do you get when you cancel out the wisdom, maturity, and experience that can only come with age for the sake of having a young, and nothing but a young team?

Older, wiser societies, even animals, would see this as a collective suicide. No herd of elephants, as an example of one the most intelligent species on the planet, would put a young, inexperienced elephant in charge of the herd. Yet this is what we do, this is what our businesses do.

And then we wonder and cannot believe what is happening in the world. Well, how could we expect anything else?!

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Mateja started to write short stories at the age of ten and later became a freelance writer, radio personality, and explorer of the inner worlds. Her life resembles a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs and some pretty wild turns. Among other things, her car was destroyed by tanks, and she survived several brushes with death. She graduated in psychology from Arizona State University and is deep into the weird. Connect with Mateja on LinkedIn.

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