What the Heck Is Going on With Claps on Medium?!

What I found in my stats today shocked me

By a pure coincidence, I discovered a huge discrepancy between the number of readers who clapped for my stories that was displayed in the story and in general stats comparing to the stats for the individual stories.

When you open my story A Dream, for instance, you will see that supposedly only 9 people clapped. The same number is shown in the general stats, but when I open the individual stats for this story, surprise, surprise, it turns out that 23 fans actually clapped!

When I checked the rest of my stories published in August, it turned out that this was the case with most if not all of the stories! So where the heck are these claps and why are they hidden?

Also, most of these stories are member-only posts, meaning my earnings depend on the number of claps, so how is this going to affect that? Is this the reason why I have lately been making but a few bucks per month?

Naturally, I sent a message to the Medium Help department. To their credit, they promptly responded. Since this is relevant and of interest to other writers here I’ve decided to quote their explanation:

“ Thanks for writing in. And sorry you are experiencing that.

We are currently experiencing a backup in our data pipeline that processes certain stats and counts. This affects various places in the product, including the stats page, post page response and claps, and notifications. Though the data is delayed, it is being recorded and should be rendered correctly once we fix the issue.

Please bear with us while we work to get caught up.”

OK, well, given this response, maybe this has only been happening during August? I then also checked the stats for July and guess what — it’s also happening with July stories and there is this same discrepancy there too.

So how long has this been going on and how did it affect our payments? Anyone? And why didn’t Medium Staff bother to inform us about this issue even though they have obviously been aware of it for some time now? Again, that’s anybody’s guess. My dear Your Friends @ Medium, I’m not sure how to feel about this and what to think any longer…

Live to explore, for secrets abound. Stay in touch: https://matejaklaric.substack.com/

Live to explore, for secrets abound. Stay in touch: https://matejaklaric.substack.com/