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Mindfulness can be a lot more fulfilling than a good chocolate cookie. The reason for this is that when you are mindful you live and when you are not, you let life pass you by because you are not living in the moment. Instead, your mind wanders thinking and fantasizing about the past, future, and what could have been instead of being present in what is.

The worst part of this is that we are not even aware of it. As Harvard professor Elen Langer states, most people spend (or, to put it better, waste) their lives living mindlessly. …

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The only constant is change, and that’s even more true on Medium. As soon as you become too comfortable here, as soon as you think you’ve got this and start getting followers and making some money, the one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t last.

The latest deluge of criticism and even rage of some writers over the recent changes thus made me laugh. Not because it would be funny, but because I’ve been here for about 7+ years and I’ve seen all this before.

A bit of history

I started to write here before it was trendy to be…

Pic: Sophie Scholl Facebook page

To me, Sophie Scholl was a saint. And indeed, another member of White Rose, the group she belonged to, a Russian-German student Alexander Schmorell, was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2012. Given her life and death, Sophie should have been canonized too.

The White Rose was a group of students who resisted the Nazis. Their approach was peaceful and without as much as a trace of aggression. What these young German intellectuals wanted to achieve was to make people think, open their eyes, and recognize the horror of Nazism for what it was.

Sophie died…


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When life deals us a blow, such as the loss of the loved one or emotional trauma, the pain can be excruciating and visceral. We can literally feel it in our body. Sensations, such as the feeling of breaking heart or walking around with a hole in our chest, are common.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that both physical and emotional pain are processed by the same centers in our brain. But although this can explain why emotional trauma hurts just like a physical one, that doesn’t mean that both types of pain are the same.

Emotional pain often hurts…


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Let’s make this clear — recycling is not really happening, we’ve been lied to, waste plastics are accumulating at an unprecedented rate and have already formed not one but two (!) giant plastic islands in the Pacific Ocean.

We need to STOP doing this and we need to stop doing it NOW! We need to stop using so much plastics in our daily lives. Period.

There are numerous plastic-free products available, ranging from cleaning products to cosmetics and everything in between. …

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As the president of the Society for Bright Future here in Slovenia (incidentally, also the birth country of the current First Lady Melania Trump), I write about sustainable living, global warming, and environmental protection in order to promote discussion on these issues and root for positive changes.

Since pollution and global warming are clearly global problems and their consequences will sooner or later hit everyone, I feel we need to address and discuss these issues globally.

I thus write about this in my native language as well as in English. Until recently, I was also able to promote my blog…

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It was an incredibly courageous thing to do. Dr. Monica Gagliano was in the middle of her doctoral degree when she radically changed the direction of her studies and focused on the intelligence of plants instead of marine ecology she started with.

The intelligence of plants?! Yes, you read that right, the intelligence of plants. Even though they don’t have brains like we do, plants turned out to be intelligent. What’s more, thanks to indigenous shamans, Dr. Gagliano began to talk with them. Imagine that!

A scientist (a biologist and not anthropologist, mind you) visited shamans and had several psychedelic…

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There is no greater evil in this world than the oil industry — not only because of traffic and exhaust gases that contribute to global warming but also because oil is behind the plastic pollution we are facing with no end in sight. Most consumers still aren’t aware of how incredibly harmful plastic is.

What most consumers are also not aware of is that a large majority of plastic waste, over 90% of it, NEVER gets recycled. It doesn’t matter whether you put in the right waste container or not. Most of it gets shipped to poor countries, is incinerated…

Tribute to female scientists — Part 1

Dr. Ellen Langer — photo Harvard Gazette

Dr. Ellen Langer is a Harvard professor of psychology who received the Liberty Science Center Genius Award for her groundbreaking research and out-of-the-box approach. In addition to several other awards, she is also the first woman to gain tenure at the Harvard Psychology Department, which speaks volumes about how hard it is for women scientists to succeed.

It’s thus safe to assume that Dr. Langer’s work must be extraordinary, which it indeed is. She basically showed that it is possible to turn back time and reverse the process of aging as well as improve health solely through the power of…

Photo by Dollar Gill

Positive psychology became all the rage due to its promise of an easy fix. The premise “all you need to do is think positive and everything will be alright” has the allure of an instant solution to every problem. Unfortunately, things are not that simple.

Simplistic ideas such as the one above are also known in psychology as “magical thinking.” This happens when we attribute desired results (e.g. avoiding bad luck) to some unrelated action (e.g. knocking on wood) that we then label as a cause.

It is a well-known fact in scientific research that correlation doesn’t equate causation. This…

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